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The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart

The Unprotected Class: How Anti-White Racism Is Tearing America Apart

By Jeremy Carl

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  • ISBN13: 9781684514588
  • ISBN10: 1684514584
  • Publisher: Regnery Publishing
  • Publish Date: April 23, 2024
  • Page Count: 400
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"How has our ruling class gotten away with attacking the majority of Americans on the basis of their race? The answer is scary, and this outstanding book explains."--Tucker Carlson

While political and media elites hysterically condemn an imaginary epidemic of "white supremacy," in the real world, white Americans are often openly discriminated against. Indeed, anti-white policies have become so interwoven in the fabric of American life that we often fail to recognize them.

Launched with a laudable appeal to justice for all, regardless of skin color, the civil rights movement has increasingly betrayed that vision. As activists look for racism where it no longer exists, the failure to achieve perfect equality of outcomes is now used to justify discrimination against whites in business, education, law, the military, entertainment, and even the church.

The Unprotected Class provides a comprehensive explanation of how we got here and what we must do to correct our dangerous course.

"A prescient, landmark work." -- Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

"A must-read." --Christopher Rufo, Senior Fellow, The Manhattan Institute