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Unhumans: The Secret History of Communist Revolutions (and How to Crush Them)

Unhumans: The Secret History of Communist Revolutions (and How to Crush Them)

By Jack Posobiec, Joshua Lisec

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  • ISBN13: 9781648210853
  • ISBN10: 1648210856
  • Publisher: War Room Books
  • Publish Date: July 2, 2024
  • Page Count: 168
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If you don’t understand communist revolutions, you aren’t ready for what’s coming.
The old rules are over. The old order is over. Accusations are evidence. Activism means bigotry and hate. Criminals are allowed to roam free. Citizens are locked up. An appetite for vengeance is unleashed—to deplatform, debank, destroy. This is the daily news, yet none of it’s new. Patterns from the past make sense of our present. They also foretell a terrifying future we might be condemned to endure.
For nearly 250 years, far-left uprisings have followed the same battle plans—from the first call for change to last innocent executed, from denial a revolution is even happening to declaration of the new order. 
Unhumans takes readers on a shocking, sweeping, and succinct journey through history to share the untold stories of radical takeovers that textbooks don’t teach.
And there is one conclusion: We're in a new revolution right now. 
But this is not a book about ideology or politics. 
Unhumans reveals that communism, socialism, Marxism, and all other radical-isms are not philosophies but tactics—tactics that are specifically designed to unleash terror on everyday people and revoke their human rights to life, liberty, and property. These are the forces of unhumanity. This is what they do. Every. Single. Time. Unhumans steals their playbook, breaks apart their strategies piece by piece, and lays out the tactics of what it takes to fight back—and win, using real-world examples. 
Unhumans is the essential read for every concerned citizen both of the US and worldwide. We must stop what is coming.