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The Clock Tower: A History of Benicia's Mighty Fortress

The Clock Tower: A History of Benicia's Mighty Fortress

By H. Allan Gandy

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  • ISBN13: 9781631321511
  • ISBN10: 163132151X
  • Publisher: Advanced Publishing LLC
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Author H. Allan Gandy presents a comprehensive depiction of the Army's Storehouse, a three-story sandstone fortress built in 1859. What is now renowned as a treasured event hall was once an ominous fortress perched high upon Army Point overlooking an important water passage east of San Francisco. Replete with cannon ports, lookout towers, musket loophole windows and a crenelated roof designed for howitzers, it served as a warning to would be attackers. The Army Benicia Arsenal log from the era and current day accounts reveal an interesting journey into the history of what is known today as "The Clock Tower."