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How Leadership (Actually) Works: A Navy SEAL's Complete System for Coordinating Teams

How Leadership (Actually) Works: A Navy SEAL's Complete System for Coordinating Teams

By Larry Yatch

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  • ISBN13: 9781544521701
  • ISBN10: 1544521707
  • Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing
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Everything you've been taught about leadership is backward, beginning with the costly mistake that causes you to sacrifice money, time, and human capital day after day. It's not a calculation error or a problem with management style-it's repeatedly choosing revenue and results over connection and team.

Larry Yatch is a ten-year U.S. Navy SEAL turned business consultant who has reverse-engineered the behaviors that make the SEALs the most elite and connected teams on the planet. In How Leadership (Actually) Works, Larry shares his six-pillar system that companies of any size in any domain can use for sustainable and easier success. This practical manual will show you how to effectively structure teams, manage behavior, maximize self-regulation, and become the leader you need to be so everyone thrives.

From the largest special ops mission in U.S. history to the biggest boardrooms and smallest classrooms, follow Larry's journey to discover the missing links between effort and efficacy that will revolutionize how you perceive team success. The work isn't easy, but nothing exceptional is.