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From Hamas to America: My Story of Defying Terror, Facing the Unimaginable, and Finding Redemption in the Land of Opportunity

From Hamas to America: My Story of Defying Terror, Facing the Unimaginable, and Finding Redemption in the Land of Opportunity

By Mosab Hassan Yousef, James Becket

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  • ISBN13: 9781637633182
  • ISBN10: 1637633181
  • Publisher: Forefront Books
  • Publish Date: August 6, 2024
  • Page Count: 304
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From Hamas to America is a gripping memoir that follows the son of Hamas founder, Mosab Hassan, as he breaks away from his culture's practice of terrorism to becoming a double-agent for Israel to finally fleeing to America and becoming a US citizen, and ultimately finding peace.

"This is my opportunity to share my journey with others, to let go of both the traumas and the triumphs, to find freedom, to proclaim my truth."

Mosab Hassan Yousef has worn many labels: Hamas terrorist, Green Prince, spy, traitor, hero, Hollywood player, Muslim, Christian, yogi, stateless, refugee, deportee, citizen. But all these labels have one thing in common: they serve someone else's agenda. Now, for the first time, the New York Times bestselling author of Son of Hamas tells the full truth of his story. In it we see him

  • growing up as the son of one of the founders of Hamas,
  • being imprisoned and tortured by the Israelis,
  • growing to hate the Hamas tactics of rape and violence,
  • working with the Israeli intelligence to expose suicide bombers and save lives,
  • seeking asylum in the US,
  • fighting with Homeland Security to avoid deportation,
  • rejecting Islam and converting to Christianity and making international headlines for it,
  • becoming a top speaker on Middle Eastern affairs and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict,
  • working with Hollywood to tell his story, and
  • obtaining US citizenship and discovering the life-saving discipline of yoga.

This is the inspiring story of someone who has been under threat of assassination or imprisonment for most of his life, but who somehow finds the path to freedom and peace. Few will walk in his shoes, but everyone can follow his example and make their own journey to find redemption and peace.