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Founder's Footing: An Entrepreneurial Guide To Leadership and Culture-Sculpture

Founder's Footing: An Entrepreneurial Guide To Leadership and Culture-Sculpture

By Chris A Dages

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  • ISBN13: 9781544527161
  • ISBN10: 1544527160
  • Publisher: Houndstooth Press
  • Publish Date: May 5, 2022
  • Page Count: 236
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Whether you're an entrepreneur building your first enterprise or a seasoned professional in your prime, it can be challenging keeping the team working together, focused on a common goal. Founder's Footing offers thirty valuable lessons to help you strengthen any team, creating integrity, cohesion, and balance-and manifesting amazing results.

Learn the art of culture-sculpture, and design your team with purpose and intent. Discover how your own mindset and conduct are constantly shaping the culture around you and gain the critical insight you need to manage that process. Best of all, learn how to free your team from past issues and problems, designing a fresh, renewed organization that can push beyond the boundaries of what you thought possible.

The universal skills contained in Founder's Footing apply both personally and professionally across for-profit companies, nonprofit organizations, sports teams, community programs, and more. In just thirty short lessons, you'll understand what it takes to create a truly ground-breaking team.