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Bruce and the Legend of Soggy Hollow

Bruce and the Legend of Soggy Hollow

By Ryan T. Higgins

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Product Details

  • ISBN13: 9781368059589
  • ISBN10: 1368059589
  • Publisher: Disney Hyperion
  • Publish Date: July 11, 2023
  • Series: Mother Bruce
  • Page Count: 48
  • Age Range: 03 to 05
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Celebrate all things scary with #1 New York Times best-selling author Ryan T. Higgins's beloved Mother Bruce.

Bruce is a bear who does not like holidays, and he really doesn't like Halloween. His family of mice and geese decides the only way to get Bruce excited about Halloween is to tell a scary story.

But their campfire tale takes a turn when a ghostly visitor appears. Will Bruce get in the Halloween spirit? Or will the Halloween spirit get Bruce?

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